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Lateral Support

Lateral Support has been used in South Africa since the early 1970s, and the ever increasing demand in urban areas for parking has necessitated each development to provide basement parking for their tenants. This typically consists of two to five basements being excavated, with lateral support required to support these excavated faces.

This support can be designed with a soil nail and gunite application, or a piled and gunite arching solution with post-stressed anchors.

Lateral support is constructed on a ‘top down’ basis and requires well-balanced liaison between earthworks and geotechnical activity, in order to safely construct the lateral support walls.

Lateral support is also required in rural areas, typically to ensure slope stability of roads, railway lines and in the open cast mining applications.

Our lateral support solutions can be designed for temporary and permanent applications, and include:

  • Geonail,
  • Hollow bar,
  • Rock bolt, and
  • Perimeter piling with post-stressed anchors.

DSTV Tunnel piling lateral support

ebotse piling lateral support

hillside office park lateral support

masingita towers piling lateral support

unilofts lateral support

zambezi lateral support