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Dynamic Compaction

The dynamic compaction technique involves lifting a 14-20ton drop weight to a height of approximately 18-metres, and then dropping the weight on a grid spacing, thus consolidating the soil mattress to a depth ranging between two to ten metres.

This creates a soil raft to span over a cavity, or serves to pre-consolidate a mattress for a lightly loaded structure on a collapsible soil horizon. Dynamic compaction on land that is not deemed suitable for development, often results in the land being rehabilitated and developed.

The technique has successfully been utilised on opencast mine rehabilitation, sinkhole rehabilitation, consolidation of collapsible soil conditions, pre-collapse of old mining tunnels, treatment of old dump sites for development, or on reclaimed land rehabilitation.

Dayizenza Plaza Dynamic Compaction

Esselen Park Sinkhole Rehabilitation

Edenvale Mine Shaft Rehab Dynamic Compaction